Proper Installation Of Return Fuel Line Into Fuel Tank Of A Mac 3200 Chainsaw

The large line is the fuel return line sending excess gas back to the tank. The fuel filter is attached to the small fuel line only. Purchase the small and large fuel lines and filter. Push the large fuel line back through the hole in the gas tank about an inch. Push the small fuel line into the other hole in the gas tank. Pull this fuel line through the gas tank opening. Put the fuel filter onto the end of the small gas line you just pulled out of the gas tank opening.

Once you get fuel to pump, then run a line from the open port into the tank for the return line. Remove the fuel line from the other port and attach it to the upper carburetor port. Run another line from the lower carburetor port over to the open primer port.

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Exactly what I needed to replace my Husqvarna 3641 chainsaw furl line. The AC04124 Fuel Line Kit has two fuel lines: green line (9/64 in. OD x 5/64 in. ID). blue line (3/16 in. OD x 3/32 in. ID). Both are 18 in. long. And the replacement tool. The green line worked perfectly.

The McCulloch 3516 fuel filter is designed to filter all fuel fed into the carburetor. The fuel filter is connected to the fuel line with a barb fitting on the nipple of the filter. This filter is located in the fuel tank and is weighted to keep the filter on the bottom of the tank to ensure proper filtering and flow regardless of the angle of the saw.

The fuel tank filler caps are non-vented & vent tubes are welded into each tank. A drain valve is at the gascolator, forward right base of firewall. The tanks have finger-screen filters & a pre-carburetor filter is on the firewall.

Install the fuel filter line retaining ring. If your trimmer’s fuel filter line has a retaining ring, it needs to be installed correctly to help hold the fuel filter in place. Use a pair of pliers to press the retaining ring into position. 13. Use your fuel line diagram to install the remaining new lines.

The fuel setup I have is two brand new fuel tanks just installed (The problem was also happening before the new tanks) new fuel lines running to a gated manifold. From there the main line goes into a Fleetguard LF3894 and then into my Racor 900FH then to the engine.

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Cut the angled end of the fuel line square and attach the fuel filter. Push the small line back into the tank through the mouth opening. Tug the other end of the small fuel until the filter rests on the bottom of the tank. Cut the small fuel line to the same length as the original small fuel line.

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40:1 is the fuel mixture per the manual. You’ll have a total of three fuel lines associated with this saw. The line, in the tank, with the fuel filter attached goes to the fuel pump side fitting.

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The price of gas here is a killer and the fuel milage with gas kindda sucks. Im also hoping to maybe help elminate that fear of mass fire by elminating the gas engines. Im not sure what all is entailed in the fuel system except adding a return line.

The other line from the primer bulb can be cut off and left short to return fuel to the tank, the upper hole is for this line. Bottom hole filter line to carb. Make sure there is enough line on the filter to go to the bottom of the tank.

In order to use the WikiLeaks public submission system as detailed above you can download the Tor Browser Bundle, which is a Firefox-like browser available for Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux and pre-.

Diesel Fuel Pressure Tester • Simple one wire connectivity to the fuel pressure sensor signal wire. Designed for. accurately determine proper operation and check for short circuits. Multi-Application Digital Pressure and. correctly remove and install the rear main oil seal and wear ring on the crankshaft.

In the in-tank fuel pumps.15 Fuel Pump Inlet Filter The function of this filter is to eliminate any impurities that might harm the fuel pump. this filter is external to the fuel tank and is in a replaceable cartridge filter.14 Electric In-tank Fuel Pump Almost all car applications after 1987 designed their fuel pump assembly inside the fuel tank.