2001 Vw Jetta Heater Hose Connector

Samstag Sales stocks a wide range of special service tools for repair work on VW and Audi cars. Please have a VW tool number when you contact us. For help in finding the correct Volkswagen tool number, we recommend the [B] Bentley Publishers workshop manuals. When possible, please measure the size for your application.

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If your vehicle has been damaged by rodents, send us a note or better yet a picture as well ! (Specify Make, Model, Model Year and City, State and if known approximate cost.

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With the warm temperatures still around it is important to keep your air conditioning system in good working condition. Your air conditioning system in your vehicle is an important part of keeping you comfortable but it also important to your safety.

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There are 3 holes, I’ll refer to them as 1, 2, and 3 left to right. 1 and 3 are along the same plane, 2 is a little over 71mm below that. If you make a template, draw a line 190mm long mark hole #1 center 5mm from the left end of the line measure 178mm along the line from hole #1 center and mark hole #3 center.

The three H’s–hazy, hot and humid—are probably the most common cause of fluid leaking from a car, in the eastern U.S. at least. A car’s air conditioner needs to do something with the moisture it removes from the air inside the passenger compartment.

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